sexta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2009

Os papéis dos académicos ou académicos aos papéis

"Whilst not every academic will perform every role, nor are these constant, equally weighted or universal, the following extensive but not exhaustive list gives an indication of the range of roles performed by academic: teacher, scholar, practitioner, demonstrator, writer, model, discoverer, inventor, investigator, designer, architect, explorer, expert, learner, developer, collaborator, transformer, facilitator, enabler, evaluator, critic, assessor, setter, guide, colleague, supervisor, mentor, listener, adviser, coach, counsellor, negotiator, mediator, juggler, manager, leader, entrepreneur."

G. Gordon (1997), "Preparing and developing academics for the needs of effective provision in mass tertiary education", Higer Education Management, vol. 9, n.º 3, OCDE, Paris.