sábado, 1 de março de 2014

O indicador composto (2)

Sobre usos e desusos de indicadores, em complemento da entrada "O indicador composto"

"The use of scoreboards or benchmarking rank tables may be dangerous because the numbers are taken at face value with little discussion of their validity (Pavitt, 1988). Considerable room exists for manipulation by selection, weighting and aggregating indicators."

"Another possible fruitful area for research would be on how S&T indicators are used (and misused) in national policymaking system. If the main use of S&T indicators is to salve the pride of a country's politicians and citizenry, then the costs of possible inaccuracies or other shortcomings are low. If, however, a strong and direct link is found to exist between such indicators and public policy then concerns about the possible negative impacts of their shortcomings become much greater."

Muito apropriado quando Governo e partidos da maioria brandem este tipo de indicadores para justificar mudanças na política científica.

Excertos de "Indicators for national science and technology policy: how robust are composite indicators?", 2004, de H.Grupp e M.E. Mogee, Research Policy, n.º 33, pp 1373-1384, Elsevier. Os autores pertencem, respetivamente, ao Instituto para Investigação em Política Económica da Universidade de Karlsruhe e ao Instituto Fraunhofer.

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