quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2017

Ao serviço da democracia

Servir a democracia.
Servir os eleitos.
Assumir o papel.
Sem medos.
Sem rodeios.
Para fazer a diferença.
Sim, é possível.
Sim, é necessário.
Aqui fica, sem mais comentários,

"I hope you will continue to challenge ill-founded arguments and muddled thinking and that you will never be afraid to speak the truth to those in power. I hope that you will support each other in those difficult moments where you have to deliver messages that are disagreeable to those who need to hear them. I hope that you will continue to be interested in the views of others, even where you disagree with them, and in understanding why others act and think in the way that they do. I hope that you will always provide the best advice and counsel you can to the politicians that our people have elected, and be proud of the essential role we play in the service of a great democracy.”

Sir Ivan Rogers, em mensagem dirigida ao pessoal, ao resignar do cargo de Embaixador Britânico na União Europeia.

Mensagem completa em: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/jan/04/quote-sir-ivan-rogers-resignation-eu-brexit-email-in-full

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