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Legal matters matter

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"The Legal Office deals with any matter which has, or could potentially have, any legal implication/consequence to the University of Malta and/or any of its group of companies.

It provides on-going legal advice on a variety of issues concerning University matters to the principal officers and/or the Senior Executive Committee of the University of Malta, including the Rector, Pro-Rectors, Secretary, Directors, Deans, Deputy Deans, Heads of Department, members of academic staff and members of industrial, technical and administrative staff.

The Legal Office deals with a multi-faceted spectrum of areas/branches/fields of law ranging from Employment (Labour), EU (particularly funding), Public Procurement, Intellectual Property Rights, Company, Fiscal and Administrative to collective bargaining, criminal (particularly copyright infringement and/or counterfeiting) and civil matters (particularly in relation to disputes concerning immovable property). The Office comprises a Litigation Department which predominantly handles cases of a civil and criminal nature. 

The Legal Office drafts all contracts and agreements which are eventually signed by the University's legal representative, the Rector. It also draft regulations, statutes, legal notices, bye-laws and any other legal instruments and/or policies for the University of Malta or any of its entities including Faculties, Institutes, Centres and Foundations. 

The Office also liaises with other offices and departments within the University in project management, policy-making and in the formulation of its strategic plan."

University of Malta

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