sexta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2017

Life in the City

"The "Idea of a University" was a village with its priests. The "Idea of a Modern University" was a town - a one-industry town - with its intellectual oligarchy. "The Idea of a Multiversity" is a city of infinite variety. Some get lost in the city; some rise to the top within it; most fashion their lives within one of its many subcultures. There is less sense of community than in the village but also less sense of confinement. There is less sense of purpose than within the town but there are more ways to excel. There are also more refuges of anonymity - both for the creative person and the drifter. As against the village and the town, the "city" is more like the totality of civilization as it has evolved and more an integral part of it; and movement to and from the surrounding society has been greatly accelerated. As in a city, there are many separate endeavors under a single rule of law."

Clark Kerr, Presidente da Universidade da Califórnia (1963), The Uses of the University.

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