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Going Green

Across the world.
Looking outside to better view inside.
Posts based upon Mottos, Reflections, Plans and Actions from Universities around the World.

"My interest in the environment began almost six decades ago during walks with my sister-in-law around Westminster in London where we both lived.  I often remarked that the litter everywhere wasn’t just an eyesore, but couldn’t possibly be good for the universe; her response to my rather grand declaration was “If you feel that way, why not do something about it…?”"
"I envisioned a multi-disciplinary school of environmental studies – specifically an EcoBuilding designed to maximize the efficient use of energy, water and materials that would consolidate lectures, research, conferences, and the school’s administration under one roof.  I was very interested, too, in applied science: taking academia into the real world.  I knew what I had in mind was a huge undertaking but at least I could try."

Dame Shirley Porter: Vision for the School of Environmental Studies

"The Porter School of Environmental Studies Building has now received LEED Platinum certification – the highest accreditation of the LEED certification system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The project received 92 points out of the 93 points that the planners sought to reach, and of the maximum score of 110. This score places the building among the leading green buildings worldwide (so far only 17 buildings in the world scored over 90 points!)."

Porter School of Enironmental Studies, Tel Aviv University, Israel

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Unites States Green Building Council

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