sexta-feira, 3 de março de 2017

Leading the way

Across the world.
Looking outside to better view inside.
Posts based upon Mottos, Reflections, Plans and Actions from Universities around the World.

"If we are to secure a successful and ambitious future as individuals and as a University, we need excellent leadership. that means academic staff and colleagues from our professional services need the courage to think differently. People across our institution need to feel empowered to propose change, develop ideas and make them happen. The Sheffield Leader plays an important in supporting this process and making the University of Sheffield a place that supports and develops outstanding leadership at all levels."

Prof. Sir Keith Burnett, Vice-Chancellor, University of Sheffield.

"Finally, Sheffield Leaders aspire to be authentic, by being open, transparent, fair and consistent. They also demonstrate self-awareness, humility, integrity and moral courage. The Sheffield Leader establishes trust in their judgement and motives, and inspires people to follow them."

The Sheffield Leader statement.

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