quarta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2017

Sente-se inspirado? Sente-se inspirador?

Inspirar. Ser inspirado.
Libertar. Ser liberto.
Desafiar. Ser desafiado.
Encorajar. Ser encorajado.

Duas faces?

Deixar respirar. Respirar.
Respirar o mesmo ar.

Uma face!

"The first theme is composed of leadership (encouraging staff to take more initiative and responsibility for greater achievement) and managerial structures (simplifying the hierarchical structure and bureaucratic processes), as illustrated here:
This is where, I think, you get the distinction between a good university and a great university. A great university is one where the leadership inspires, where the leadership encourages, where the leadership is seen as one of us, but leading us on. If your university management doesn’t inspire, doesn’t encourage people intellectually, then, we see ourselves as being more independent rather than the group progressing on. I don’t think you can underestimate how important it is for the university’s management… leadership. The inspiration they can provide is absolutely essential for a positive climate (Professor 1, Arts & Humanities)."
Baris Uslu (2017), "The influence of organisational features in high-ranked universities: the case of Australia", Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management Vol. 39 , Iss. 5.

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