quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2016

Da autonomia

Autonomia institucional.
Autonomia individual.
Liberdade académica.
Valores que se sobrepõem.
Para refletir.

"(...) it is no surprise that the most frequent argument in the public rhetoric of almost every European government representative to promote swift reforms in order to enhance university autonomy has nothing to do with academic freedom. The increased autonomy is supposed to strengthen the capacity of universities to respond, immediately and efficiently, to explicit short-term demands coming from society. Thus autonomy has basically a management dimension, and nothing to do with the value-base of academic institutions. Accordingly, the buzz-words in this ‘reform agenda’ are ‘competition’, ‘flexibility’, ‘responsiveness’, ‘innovation’ and, last but not least, ‘leadership’. Universities are no longer primarily perceived as self-reproducing cultural institutions, but rather as ‘clearing stations’ between academia and the national and/or regional economy"

In Thorsten Nybom (2008), "University autonomy: a matter of political rhetoric?", © The Authors. Volume compilation © 2008 Portland Press Ltd.

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