segunda-feira, 4 de abril de 2016

Dúvida radical

"From the perspective of complex responsive processes of relating, leading leadership development involves encouraging radical doubt, enquiry and reflexivity as a way of developing the capacity of leaders to manage in circumstances of high uncertainty and ideological and political contestation. 

However, radical doubt does not mean throwing everything up in the air at once. It means learning how to navigate between the poles of absolute certainty and absolute doubt, while persisting in seeing the world as more complex than it is portrayed in the dominant discourse." (Finn and Mowles, 2014).

Such an approach, whilst challenging and potentially threatening to those in positions of authority, is well suited to contexts of uncertainty and ambiguity that increasingly typify the higher education sector, where individuals and organisations face ‘wicked’, intractable problems that cannot be resolved through the application of proven management practices (Grint, 2005)."

Bolden et al. (2015), Developing and Sustaining Shared Leadership in Higher Education, Stimulus Paper, Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.

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