sábado, 1 de junho de 2013

A história repete-se

A história repete-se. Repete-se, ainda que noutro tempo e noutro lugar, como se as diferentes partes do mundo estivessem, apenas, em eras diferentes; sendo possível viajar no tempo ao viajar entre lugares. Repete-se porque a história, para o ser, tem de ser vivida; e porque mesmo que já tenha sido vivida por outros, e as situações sejam em tudo semelhantes, tendemos a acreditar que a nossa história será diferente, porque é a nossa e porque nós não somos os outros.

Sobre as Universidades, Estados Unidos da América, ano 2000:

"Universities are increasingly seen as key sources to the new knowledge and educated citizens so necessary for a knowledge-driven society. After two decades of eroding  public support at the state and federal level, there is an increasing call for reinvestment in higher education.

Yet there is great unease in our campuses. Throughout society we see erosion in support of important university commitments such as academic freedom, tenure, broad access, and racial diversity. Even the concept of higher education as a public good is being challenged, as society increasingly sees a college education as an individual benefit determined by values of the marketplace rather than the broader needs of a democratic society. The faculty feels increased stress, fearing an erosion in public support as unconstrained entitlements grow, sensing a loss of scholarly community with increased disciplinary specialization, and being pulled out of the classroom and the laboratory by demands of grantsmanship.

To continue with Dickensian themes, while we may be entering an age of wisdom - or at least knowledge - it is also an age of foolishness. (...)"

J. Duderstadt (2000) An University for the 21st century.

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