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Sense and Sensibility and Science

Across the world.
Looking outside to better view inside.
Posts based upon Mottos, Reflections, Plans and Actions from Universities around the World.

"The approaches to problem-solving developed by scientists have proven to be quite effective, and yet we as individuals, groups, and larger societies do not often seem to be able to take advantage even of rational approaches to problems–let alone the “hyper-rationality” offered by science. Watching the political process of our country–or even the discussions of a small committee–can therefore often feel quite disheartening. We should be able to do better!"


"A number of fundamental questions arise in this discussion: What can we learn about objectivity, an underlying goal of science? Sometimes it is argued that ultimately there are only various power groupings fighting over which view is to dominate, and that ‘objective’ is simply a compliment that the most powerful pay to their own views. In this sense, is science itself just another powerful religion, with its own priesthood? And, if not, can we pinpoint the difference, and perhaps use this recognition as a tool to help us determine how to find experts that we should trust, and to improve approaches to group decision making?"

Sense and Sensibility and Science
A UC Berkeley Big Ideas Course

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